Welcome.  Making a blog to gather and contain some information about Norwegian culture.  I have known since I was a child that my mother’s mother and grandmother were Norwegian, therefore, so was my mother.  And my mother is blonde, as are two of my siblings, while my other sibling and myself have dark hair and eyes.  I don’t think either of ever felt we ‘fit’ into the typically blonde Norwegian cast culture, and I know that I didn’t spend much time over my lifetime owning my Norwegian-ness.

Recently, we brought my mother to our home for a long holiday visit – Thanksgiving to New Year’s – and for some of that time I was able to ask my mother questions about her sense of her heritage.  She has a geneaology tree of our ancestors, and she began to tell me again who is related to who.  I explained to her that wasn’t the information I was wanting as those are names on a genealogy tree to me, but doesn’t tell me much about Norwegian culture.

As it turns out, with some strategic questions, I learned that my mother really doesn’t have a strong sense that much of her upbringing, therefore much of my upbringing has a Norwegian stamp on it.  She doesn’t know because her mother didn’t make the distinction for her, so she wasn’t able to make the distinction for me.   I realized then that my dear mother would be able to tell me only what she knew about Norwegian culture and her information would be sketchy.

I resolved then that I would do my own research, via library books and internet and learn  more about the Norwegian part of my heritage – what it means to come from Norwegian stock – so to speak.  I checked out about 53 books on Norway, Norwegians, Norwegians in America and got started with reading.  So it seems, I have some catching up to do at this late stage of my life.  And I encountered first the Stave Churches, and I was hooked!  Never realized that this amazingly magical architecture belonged to Norwegian innovation.

The point of this blog then, is to capture some bits of what I learn and find on Norwegian culture and to catalog or get it here in some kind of order so my own children and grandchildren will have a record of some form of part of their heritage .